Classes: ERS 580


  • Andrew Reeve
  • 220 Bryand Global Sciences Bldg


Todd and Mays (2005) or Groundwater Science (Fitts, 2002), similar textbooks may be substituted.

The USGS has a number of good general publications on groundwater hydrology. I especially recommend Introduction to Ground-Water Hydraulics and Basic Ground-Water Hydrology

Field Trip

Oct. 2013 to Acadia National Park. This is an optional field trip. Please let me know if you will not attend.

Problem Sets

  • Late problem set policy

    Students may turn problem sets in after the due date with a 10% penalty per day late.

  • Groundwater gradients: Problem Set 1 Clearer map of the area

  • Groundwater flow and heterogeneity: Problem Set 2

  • Anisotropy and groundwater flow: Problem Set 3

  • Flow nets: Problem Set 4

  • Slug Testing: For your 5th problem set, please interpret the field data collected from the Bryand Wells. Download Cooper et al. type curves for plotting. The slug used in the big (6 inch diameter) well was 172 cm long with a 1.90 inch O.D. Slug used in the 2.05 inch I.D. well with 5 ft. screen surrounded by a 6 inch diameter sand pack was 123 cm long with a 1.05 inch O.D. Please ask for any additional data you think you might need.

  • Pumping test: Problem Set 6

  • Groundwater Chemistry: Problem Set 7 , Piper Plot Paper, Data as csv file

  • Solute Transport: Problem Set 8

Lecture Notes