Sebago Lake Watershed

Our work on the Sebago Lake Watershed has focused on the streams and rivers that flow into Sebago Lake. We hope to expand this work to include an evaluation of the lakes and ponds within the watershed. Three facts of work have been pursued to varying degrees. Some work has been completed on the many ponds and small lakes around Sebago Lake.

Data logging pressure and temperature sensors have been deployed in nine streams to create a nearly continuous (20 minute interval) record of stream water level data. During this time, stream discharge was periodically measured to create a rating curve establishing a relationship between stream discharge and stage (water level) data. Combining the record of stream water levels with the rating curve produces a nearly continuous record of stream discharge. These data are presented on an accompanying page.

The data described in the previous paragraph has been collected in an effort to estimate the surface water influx into Sebago Lake. As part of this effort, a computer model to simulate flow in streams has been prepared. Ultimately, this modeling will be coupled to the simulation of water levels in Sebago Lake. Details on the computer simulation of hydrology in the Sebago Lake basin are presented on a separate web page.